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Gift Vouchers for Our Services

We provide lots of options for you to gift someone with either one of our services; witch school classes or spending voucher for our witchy store.

Please be sure you read the gift voucher description before completing checkout! 

Our Gift Vouchers are sent out in the post as well as an e-voucher email.
Gift Vouchers for services are valid for 6 months; Gift Vouchers for witchy supplies are valid for 12 months!

If you have questions, please contact us prior to purchase!

*See our terms page for full T&Cs

    Looking for that Unique Gift Idea?

    Why would you gift someone with our Spellbound Gift Voucher?

    Celebrating a birthday?
    Special occasion like, Mot
    hers day; Yule or maybe Samhain?
    Maybe they are starting to take an interest in witchcraft?
    Want to gift someone just to give some a lift?

    Give someone freedom to select those witchy supplies for their craft!

    Select the value you would like to gift from the drop down box, enter the persons details you are gifting, complete checkout and let us wave that magick wand!

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