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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Spellbound Gloucester

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd website, including any form of purchase made either via our website or direct contact in our store. 
Spellbound Shop is located at: 
5 college street college street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire - GL1 2NE, United Kingdom
By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full.

Do not continue to use our website, if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

We do not offer refunds for cancellation only reschedule up to the discretion of Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd.

The service you have booked as an appointment will be reserved specifically for you. We therefore state that we must be contacted prior to 48 hours if you wish to reschedule your appointment by direct contact either;

call: 07594 300 432 or email

*We must make all persons booking services with us aware of the following; if more than 15 minuets late to an appointment,

this would be declared as 'no show' and therefore if you wish to have the appointment a re-booking is required.

*If we do not receive a reschedule notice prior to 48 hours notice this is recorded as a 'no show'*

We reserve the right to retain any payment made in full if any of our clients fail to notify us of an alteration in any booking made. This will also apply to ‘no show appointment’. By continuing to link to our website, you agree to be bound to and abide by these linking terms and conditions. In addition to this we also reserve the right to cancel the appointments made due to our own company discretion at any time. If Spellbound Shop Gloucester Ltd cancel your appointment we will determine whether your payment made in full is to be refunded.

It is our duty of care to ensure the person or persons attending the appointment is in a stable state of mind to receive the services from Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd & Raven. If we feel it is evident that the client is not in a stable state of mind etc we reserve the right to refuse services with strictly no refunds offered.

By making appointments with us either online, in person or via telephone, you accept you are competent to read and accept our terms and conditions in full.

Please note we do not accept email or any form of message as a 'reservation' of any product or service we offer at Spellbound Gloucester Ltd & Raven School of Witchcraft, full payment upfront only.

Psychic Readings - Consultations - Therapy - Tuition
Clairvoyance is the art of accessing information from another dimension. Tarot is the ancient art of divination using a deck of 78 cards. Aura reading is the energy impressions given by the client and interpreted by the medium. During a reading one or more of these methods may be used.
The information provided is open to individual interpretation. The medium relays their impressions to the client. The Client is always responsible for their own choices. Information provided by the medium does not constitute Legal, Medical, Psychological or Financial advice. We must also stress that at no point will you be allowed to bring any persons under the age of 18 into your appointment.

You yourself have a personal belief in clairvoyance and understand what it does and does not consist of.
•I have read and understand the theory of clairvoyance and agree it is of my own individual belief.
•I am over 18 years of age and able to make decisions without a guardian. 
•I understand that the information I am given by the clairvoyant is confidential.
•I understand I am responsible for my health and wellbeing at all times during and after the reading.
•I understand that the information given is open to interpretation and acknowledge I am responsible for my own choices.
•I have read and understood the preceding paragraphs and request the clairvoyant to use the allocated time I have paid for to clairvoyantly/Tarot for me with my consent.
The terms and policy document were created by Spellbound Gloucester Ltd, if you have an queries please aim to contact the company via our contact information found on our website. ​​

Disclaimer: Our services do not constitute as professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice but for entertainment purposes only. 


It is your responsibility to read full descriptions & ask any questions you may have prior to booking any service with us.

We do not offer refunds for services once booked online or instore or via telephone, so please ensure you are satisfied prior to completing payment. We require your contact information upon booking to ensure you receive our disclaimer & terms in full via email for your reference. The basic contact information is required for this purpose, contact mobile number & email address and D.O.B for age verification.

It will be used for the purpose of communication between us (Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd & Raven) to communicate with you.

It is important that we operate with ethics and therefore we ask for age verification on booking through means of providing your date of birth at booking; we may also request proof of age upon arrival or prior to the appointment beginning

Please note if the persons if aged 16 or above they must be with a parent or guardian during the appointment, again we would request identification to prove your relationship with the person under 18 years old. 

We have a strictly NO REFUND policy with any booking of our services, so please be sure prior to booking confirmation. 

We do however allow reschedule of your appointment providing we receive minimum of 48 hours notice, via email.

If you miss your appointment or arrive more than 15 minuets late, we shall not refund your appointment, nor will this appointment be able to be reschedules, you will be have to book a new appointment if you wish to receive the service.


It is important you are prompt to your appointment time, any late arrival shall cut into your appointment timing and reduces the time you spend with our medium/therapist. 

As of 19th July 2022 we operate by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We ask you knock of the shop door now more than 2-5 minuets prior to your appointment time for access to the store. 

If the client is more than 15 minuets late, the appointment is categories as a no show.

Due to the high level of appointments we are unable to provide you with your lost time. 

Additional time over incurred at the end of your appointment will be further charged at our discretions.   


If you have chosen to subscribe to our website using your personal information including first name; surname; valid email; and date of birth, you are confirming the details entered are yours and not of another individual, you are over 18 years old and happy for us to retain your information to email promotional offers and updates from Spellbound Gloucester Ltd & Raven School of Witchcraft. We request that if your details provided change that you update us by contacting site administration via our contact us page. Offers sent via email are valid for the period of time stated and can be withdrawn at any point under the discretion of the director of Spellbound Gloucester Ltd. Updates provided via our mailing list will be for the benefit of our customers in the interest of business operations, policy changes, shop updates etc. 

If we have sent a discount voucher code as an offer to those who subscribe to our exclusive mailing list; then this person is responsible for redeeming the voucher code prior to completing payment checkout.

We do not offer refund once booking has been confirmed and payment processed.

Our discount vouchers are subject to change at our discretion at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue the offers at any point also. Likewise if the discount code has been used by persons who are not subscribed, we reserve the right to reject THE order or booking at our discretion. 

Please note the code being offered to you is for the advertised usage only for example; for use against the described services or product collections stated in the promotional descriptions.  


We have decided to set up a unique scheme for those who have demonstrated loyalty to Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd over a 12 month time scale. It is based on a number of factors such as courses / appointments attended; online shopping frequency; interactions with our online community via social media + YouTube. Our aim is to reward true loyalty to us, as a small family establishment of witches, it means so much to us when we receive each and every order!

The minimum a Spellbound VIP Member will receive will be 10% OFF on all orders. The exclusive membership code is sent to individuals who qualify for there use ONLY! If we receive orders from others who have shared the code, that individuals order will be declined along with removing membership access from the individual who has shared the exclusive code. It is with integrity we live our lives witches, we ask you to respect the witches terms. 

You CANNOT use this code in store at any time!

As a Spellbound VIP Member we will be sure to add you to the priority list to be notified of events and upcoming courses prior to public advertisements / marketing. 

We reserve the right to withdraw / update these terms of use at any time. 


If you are using this site for any unlawful or prohibited conduct we have the right to remove and suspend you from using our website facilities at our own discretion. 


Our costings are in GBP (pound sterling) currency – Please remember this before ordering!

The currency is converted on ordering automatically.

We accept UK debit cards + credit card payment for our good and services.

All debit and credit card payments are secured with our provider Stripe.

Our pricing is dependent on a number of factors. If the items are from one of our approved wholesale supplies, these items are subject to include TAX at 20% rate plus our business costings which provide us with a RRP. As we are a bricks & mortar business this is reflective in our pricing of all items listed in store and online. (Unless you qualify for our Spellbound VIP Membership). Another factor of our pricing is formulated on handmade/crafted items to include, materials & time that provide us with a base line to generate our RRP.

We do offer discounts / concessions for purchases of items at a larger scale, such as the greater the volume, the greater the discount.

It is important to note, costings of delivery are reflective of the courier we use, these prices are subject to vary.

*We would like to note due to the UK leaving the European Union the cost of freight/import duty has displayed a reasonable level of price increase across a number of the items we retail in store and online.  


When purchasing a magickal item we may include a token or small gift. You may see this pictured on the items listed on the website.  However, the item you purchase is described i.e the product, the weight, the description.

The gift is at our discretion and is not a customer entitlement.

(We do gift magickal items at our discretion and pictures on our website are for illustration purposes only)

The spells are cast by Toni Hunt and the witches who are a part of Spellbound Gloucester Ltd. With over 40+ years of experience and recognized qualifications and accreditations. We ensure that all spells are with the intent described and nothing more.

(If you require more information on spells provided by Spellbound Gloucester Ltd please email

Ours is a belief in the manipulation of energy infused with intent. We do not guarantee success, as all corresponding factors need be used by the spellcaster. The success is in the witch’s intent. To that end we send you the best magickal energy.

We make our spell products at Spellbound Shop. We endeavor to use natural cruelty free ingredients. Some products contain herbs, essentials oils and may contain almond or coconut so there may be traces of nuts. If you have allergies, please be aware and contact us first before purchasing. We can advise on the more suitable product or perhaps make something especially for you. We are happy for you to ask questions before your purchase. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for what is used on their skin. That is the purpose of good natural and healthy products and each of you is individual. We want to cater for your needs. You are important to us.

Our handmade items and produced by our witches for Spellbound Gloucester Ltd, are fragile & one off designs, made with the magickal purpose desired by our wonderful witches. The magickal spells and items do not contain a time scale for when they will work nor do we guarantee the magick to prevail. Our intent is pure; however, so many factors can prevent magick working including negative energies; personal blockages and even outside counter magick could prevent the magick working for you.

Spellbound works with honesty, integrity and passion with all magick for you.

“Be careful what you wish for” we work with only positive intent and do not engage with black magick.

We will not be held liable for the outcome of your spell.


Magick and Spell work is not to be taken as medical replacement or legal guarantees. If we feel there is vulnerability in a customer, it is our discretion to withhold our services and council. Your safety is important to us and work with exceptional principals.

*Client confidentially is paramount in all that we do*

As per our refund policy, we do not provide refunds for spells or handmade items for any reason.


As of 22/06/2022 we have introduced a new structure to our store access, this is to focus our efforts with our growth in the online community and fulfillment of orders. This means our store will be available for shopping online only or via private shop booking. Available online 24hrs. Services / Appointments available Tuesday + Wednesday + Friday 10am until 4pm; Saturday 10am until 2pm. (NOTE ENERGY THERAPY NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS). 

We will be offering click & collect Monday - Wednesday 9am until 5pm; Thursday - Saturday 9am until 10am providing you have placed an order and received a confirmation that your order is ready to collect. We will contact you individually to confirm.

We will continue to operate our evening classes / courses as scheduled. 

Please feel welcome to book a Private Shopping Experience or get in touch with us for more information. 


We will not provide a spell that interferes with the free will of another individual.

Be sure to keep all products away from children & animals

If you have allergies or medical conditions, please take responsibility for those and ask before purchase for advice.

Many of our spell items has a listed descriptor alongside them to help you along the way.

If however you would like instruction on how to use the items this would involve a spell consultation. This service can be booked via our services page, listed as Spell Consultation or Magick Consultancy.


We do not offer refunds for any courses booked either in store or online. Therefore we strongly advise you read the course details fully including contacting us with any questions prior to completing your booking and payment. 

We are more than happy to answer any questions or provide course outline video explanations if necessary prior to booking.

Course fees are subject to change at our discretion.

Due to limited spaces therefore you must be satisfied with the course details and our full terms and conditions prior to booking.

If we discover any persons behavior on our courses is disruptive to the course teacher or other students we shall remove you from the course without notice and no refund provided; please respect others and your teacher during the course.

All courses online or in our school are to be paid in full, we do not provide payment deferral.

If any information provided to us is inaccurate it is our discretion if you shall be removed from the course. 

We reserve the right to reject course bookings at any time without reason; and shall not provide refunds.

As with our services provided you must be over the age of 18 to attend any of our courses.

In circumstances where we are required to reschedule or cancel a booking you will be notified at our earliest convivence. 

If you miss a session/booking it is your responsibility to catch up in your own time.

*All of our courses are approved and presented to you in a multitude of medias*

*We are accredited to teach the courses and you shall be provided with certification on completion*

*All courses content is copyrighted and for the use of learning only not replication*


If you choose to purchase a e-voucher or are issued an e-voucher the following applies.

You must provide a valid email to send the e-voucher to or address for physical voucher to be posted.

Your voucher code MUST be entered at checkout to be redeemed prior to confirming payment. 

We are not responsible for e-voucher codes not entered at checkout, we refer you to our NO REFUND policy, the voucher can only be redeemed if the full code is entered e.g. "1234"

If you have difficulty with your e-voucher, you must contact prior to completing checkout as we shall not provide refunds.

Our e-vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

We  would only be extended if government restrictions apply.

If you are issued an e-voucher due to government restrictions or cancellation by Spellbound Gloucester Ltd, you will initially be offered to change your appointment for a video call appointment as an alternative, if this is not suitable for you then an e-voucher will be sent.

(Please note vouchers/e-vouchers issued before 31st December 2020 would apply to our previous 3 month validity)

It is a strict 6 month policy, during that time you may receive email notification, however it is the purchasers responsibility  to be aware of the expiry date as no form of recourse will be offered if the voucher has expired.


If there is serve weather that impacts Spellbound Gloucester Ltd to open our store for 1-1 appointments we shall contact you in the first instance to offer an alternative of either switching to video call appointment for your service or alternatively have an e-voucher to re-book another time, when we are able to return to opening our store for 1-1 appointments. 

This is at the discretion of Spellbound Gloucester Ltd.

Adverse weather constitutes of snow, flooding,  storms. If this amounts to prevention of travel to facilitate our store opening. 


We reserve the right to our discretion to reschedule or issue clients with an e-voucher based on case-by-case circumstance.

Please contact us prior to 48 hours notice of your appointment if you wish to discuss health reasons for being unable to meet your scheduled appointment booked. For example; if you are not in the right health to visit us in person due to virus or alike. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of virus, cold/flu we would request that you inform us at first instance to reschedule your appointment. This will include a minimum of 21 days post notification, to allow a significant time of recovery. 

We extend this to those who wish to shop with us in store. If you are experiencing adverse health as stated above, we would appreciate you to protect one another including us by switching to our online shop for your witchy items to be posted out or request a 'click & collect' service during our opening times. 


We are grateful that you have taken time to read through our T&Cs, please remember if you have questions you can contact us. 

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