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Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil


It is known that Clary Sage can be used to access your subconcious or higher self! Some even use this essential oil as a stimulate, with a combination of physical and psychological promotion of self-love!


Within witchcraft we would use Clary Sage pure essential oil for so many things like; 






Gender: Feminine 


Element: Water


Clary Sage could be added to spells or even add drops to diffuse a space with the scent. 


You may also annoint yourself with this oil to.


Truly excellent oil for women with PMT, pains and those who are pregnant.

*Note we are not a medical professional, please consult a medical professional for advice prior to use!


Disclaimer: If applying to skin, complete a patch test first! (Some essetnail oils may require a carrier oil to blended with this pure blend). If causes irration stop use immediately!


Presented in 10ml glass dropper bottles; you could reuse or recycle these once cleansed.


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