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Red Brick Dust

Red Brick Dust


In the Hoodoo beleif system, guards against evil, it is said, laid in a line across a door way no person who means you ill will, will be able to cross it. 


How to use

*Warding Spells

*Guarding Spells

*Protection Spells

*Repell Negative Magick


You can use this in mojo bags and spells...conjures.


Across threshold or doorways to protect you!


Here are a few items of how others describe Red Brick Dust. 


Many suggest that the origin of the use of red brick dust can be traced to traditional African irosun powder. Irosun powder is red dust produced by termites from the barwood (Pterocarpus osun) and camwood (Baphia nitida) trees. 


"​Orleanians since before the time of Marie Laveau swear by the power of red brick dust to ward off evil. Simply spread the dust around the front of your house, using a broom.  (Canizares, 2001, p. 23)"


Weight: 75g (approx') 


Sold in a clear glass jar with screw top lid, which can be reused or recycled once cleansed. 



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